31 Mart 2008 Pazartesi

Voice Of The Moon

A magical, unique and pure set from mee =))

28 Mart 2008 Cuma

It is Like That tb

This is my latest set! I really love the colours and patterns. I called it as "it is like that"

New Painting tb

This is my best set! Cause 140 people liked it! So this is the most populer set of mine! Thank u everyone =)

AnGeL tb

This set is for me! I made it for just myself by using the frame of angels cause I fell myself as an angel ! =)

The World Is Mine

I called this one as "the world is mine", by impressing from the drawing of the world!

Painting tb

This was one of the best sets from me. It was my first painting on polyvore named as painting tb. Got 58 favourites, it is pretty cool =)

Welcome To Everyone!

So soon..

This is a blog for my sets on Polyvore! Hope u will like them too.. =)