23 Nisan 2008 Çarşamba

Bugün 23 Nisan Neşe Doluyor İnsan =)

Today we are celebrating our kids festival which is a gift from our greatest leader Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK. In 1920 he gave this festival to us and to every children who are living in all over the world. This festival is the first kids festival in the world. Today we are very happy for welcoming every kid from all over the world in our country. "Peace in world, peace in country" Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK

On a Tropic Island

Again a place that I am dreaming!

Somewhere above the City

I just made the place that I am dreaming!


This is one of my favourites because I just wanna show how I like Athens a lot! I wish I will go and see there again as soon as possible..


I made a brunette women =)

For my Lovely Grandfather

I made this set for my lovely Grandpa! Sleep in peace my dear grandfather..